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The 9th rules and regulations General Information

Performance Categories

The Competition (Section Ⅰ & Ⅱ) & Festa are divided into the following three categories:

Section Ⅰ : String Quartet
Section Ⅱ : Wind Ensemble: Wind Quintet, Saxophone Quartet and Brass Quintet
Festa : Chamber music ensembles consisting of two to six musicians and for any combination of instruments.
Selection Rounds

A judgment for the Competition will be made at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (only for Section Ⅰ) and Final Rounds.
A screening for the Festa will be held at the Preliminary and Final Rounds, the latter of which consists of 1st and Final Stages. All performances will be open to the public.

Section Ⅰ 1st Round May 13 (Sat), 2017
2nd Round May 15 (Mon)
3nd Round May 17 (Wed)
Final Round May 20 (Sat)
Section Ⅱ 1st Round May 14 (Sun), 2017
2nd Round May 16 (Tue)
Final Round May 20 (Sat)
Festa Preliminary Round(1) May 18 (Thu), 2017
Preliminary Round(2) May 19 (Fri)
Final Round May 21 (Sun)
Awards Ceremony May 21 (Sun), 2017
Note: The Final Rounds of Section Ⅰ and Ⅱ will be held on the same day.
The Awards Ceremony will be held at the conclusion of the Final Round of Festa.
Prize Winners' Concerts will be held on May 22 in Osaka and on May 23 in Tokyo.

Izumi Hall (Osaka, Japan)

Musical Instruments for Festa Applicants

The Organizer will not provide any instruments other than two Steinway pianos tuned at a pitch of 442 and one Atelier Von Nagel harpsichord (French, double manual). Inside-the-piano techniques involving the manipulation of the strings which may damage the instrument are prohibited.
Any instrument, that is too loud or inappropriate for chamber music, cannot be used. Electric instruments,except for those with built-in speakers, cannot be used. In principle, vocal performances are not permitted.


The Organization has the rights to record, photograph, broadcast or stream live the performances during the event, as well as the rights for production and commercial distribution of CDs, and/or DVDs.


Any issues that may arise regarding the Competition & Festa shall be resolved in accordance with the original Japanese text and the laws of Japan. The Organizer reserves the right to make additions, corrections or changes to the clauses in the Rules and Regulations even after their publication.
All performances to be held between May 13 and 22 at the Izumi Hall will be streamed live.

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